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Tracy McLaughlin - journalist

Special Issue

At the heart of every matter ... is a Mother

Everybody has a story.

Everybody is special beyond the surface of what we can only see with our eyes.

Tracy McLaughlin is a professional writer who will write Your Story and produce it in an exciting, innovative format -- Your story will become an in-depth biography produced in a personal, high quality glossy magazine that will be cherished as a keepsake by family members and friends forever.
Over her 25-year career Tracy has gone into the homes of thousands of people to conduct professional interviews; to share in their life's joys, accomplishments, their successes and heartbreaks and write their stories.
While everybody has a story, often the greatest stories of all, are the stories from society's most special people -- the elderly.

Paying a photographer large sums to take photos as family keepsakes is one thing, but this is something completely different. This is an in-depth look at your life. This is, Your story!

what do I get when I tell my story?

  • A full size  8 to 12-page glossy magazine like the samples on this page.
  • Main biography feature story of the 'Star' of the magazine. The Star can be you, your mother, your grandmother or other family members - even your boss!
  • Included short stories including background history and quips and quotes from friends or family members.
  • Cover page photo and inside photos.
  • Your story and magazine remains confidential and is not published online or anywhere else - you share it with whom you choose.
  • You are the 'managing editor' of the project and you get to approve the final working draft. Allow up to six weeks to get the completed copy of your magazine.

how do I tell my story?

Don't worry, it doesn't hurt a bit!

And it can be great fun.

Depending on your location, Tracy will come into your home or meet at an agreed location to conduct a full interview and photo session of the 'Star' of the story. The interview is done in a light-hearted, caring and positive atmosphere. It is your choice, but if part of your story includes hardship, that should be included in your story -- it's part of who you are and what makes you special. The interview and photo session takes up to 3 hours.

Often the process requires follow-up interviews in person or by phone.

Family members and important friends will also be interviewed. 

A collection of old or cherished photographs and the stories behind them would also become part of your magazine.

Many people come out of interviews feeling uplifted after sharing their lives and realizing how awesome they really are!

Tracy is based in Barrie Ontario and is limited to traveling to locations north of Toronto. Sometimes, special arrangements can be made for travel.

But ... I don't even know tracy, can I trust her?

Yes! You can trust her with your life!

Over her career Tracy has interviewed thousands of people.

You can check out her published articles on the other pages on this website or by typing her name in any search engine.

Contact Tracy by clicking the red button under her picture to discuss the endless possibilities.

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